I like being alone.

Why I like being alone.
Im currently listening to holy grail. Lets be honest ive been smoking a lot of weed lately. So deep down I am writing from the heart, And this is why I like being alone
Im in my own thoughts. Thinking about what got me here in the first place. The hate in the world.. People treating you like dirt. Even when you try and be a good person. People always throw it in your face.
Now I’m not saying im not guilty of that. But as you grow up you realise that. I’m only 21 .. But with a child, practically as a single mother, you come to realise shit like that.  It wasnt in my plan to become a young mother but by God, that little girl has changed my life. My little girl is growing to be the joy of my life.  Because of here I aspire to be the best I can be. As she grows up and learns new things. She becomes everything I aspire to be.
I’ve changed over time so much to be a loving individual, no matter my mistakes, who helps people in whatever way I can.
I’m completely going off topic!! Why I like to be alone. Well.. I come to realise these little things. When I try to become the best person I can be for me, my little Seph, my family and my friends.. I want to sit back and re evaulate the reason I am here ..the more I just chill to myself , the more I realise what I want to do in this world . I just want to inspire people. I want to be an inspiration. I want to encourage our young youth, particular in London to come off the street violence and love one another.  Look at what our ancestors have gone through for us!! .. The torment of slavery. And in humanity in general.. i.e the Holocaust. Open your eyes!
Us black people dem need to learn once again to love one another. Stand by our own! Now by that I don’t mean standing against one against the other (everyone in society), I mean learning our history, however learning to live in peace. For our sake.
Look back in time. As far as you can remember. Humanity has been turning their backs on each other. As far as I can recall our own black people turnt against our own in the assassination of Malcolm X. Now that man was a great leader. No matter of his views he stood up for What is right! And our own people took him out in front of his family. Disgusting.
If you really examine history, our world has only got worse. Through generations and generations. Im tired of living in a world full of divide .. Im tired of everyone including myself thinking they have to prove to everyone they are living a fuller life. To try and prove that we are living better than anyone else. We all have struggles .. What the whole world needs to do is join together as a community and be equal. Lets give to eachother. Lets learn to love each other. How the world would be such a better place. There’s nothing wrong to being open to other people’s views and beliefs. Listen to one another. I’m a strong believer in everyone just uniting. Just coming together as one! No hate!
We are all human! Whites, Blacks, Europeans, Arabs. Our blood is the same colour. We are one.
This night has been as night of eye opening for me. This week actually. I’ve realised what the world needs. What I need to do. What you need to do, What WE need to do.
Sending good vibes to all 🙂 thank you for reading, if you did.